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Real-world-data enabled assessment
for health regulatory decision-making

First International Symposium on Digital Twins in Healthcare

Today marks the initiation of the First International Symposium on Digital Twins in Healthcare, an event set to redefine the landscape of medical innovation. From May 16-17 2024, experts in the filed are going to gather on Cyprus. Organised by the DIGIPREDICT FET Proactive Consortium in collaboration with OPTOMICS and NEUROTWIN FET Proactive, alongside support from the EDITH CSA, the symposium promises a convergence of cutting-edge research, visionary partnerships, and a resolute commitment to societal well-being.

Digital Twins, the cornerstone of this initiative, aim to revolutionize human model development by leveraging data from multi-omics analyses, medical and imaging data, environmental and life style big data that are continuously updated by a multitude of biosensors at an unprecedented scale. Digital Twins offer a personalized approach to disease prevention and treatment unparalleled in its scope and potential.

Through topic-oriented sessions, workshops, and interactive poster presentations featuring the work of both seasoned experts and aspiring young scientists, the event aims to foster a dynamic exchange of ideas and drive tangible progress towards proactive healthcare solutions.

Among the Plenary Speakers, there are REALM partners:

  • Liesbet Geris from VPH-i with a session "From Chips to Tissues: Combining in Silico and In Vitro Tools in Skeletal Tissue Engineering"

  • Gökhan Ertaylan from VITO with a session "From DNA to Digital Twins: Redefining Healthcare through Personal Genomics"

Learn more about the event: