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Real-world-data enabled assessment
for health regulatory decision-making

REALM Partners Lead Workshop on Precision Health: Exploring Personal Health Data and GDPR Compliance

We are excited to announce that REALM Partners are participating in the workshop "Life Sciences with Industry 2023” organised by the Dutch Research Council at the Lorentz Center. The workshop will explore how to store, process, and formulate findings from personal health data collected in precision health research projects in accordance with GDPR and ethical regulations.

Our partner Gokhan Ertaylan from VITO, will lead the challenge team, along with academic partners Chang Sun and Michel Dumontier from the University of Maastricht and Kristien Hens and Daan Kenis from the University of Antwerp.

The workshop aims to address the lack of established best practices in the field of precision health. In response, VITO’s I AM Frontier (IAF) pilot study has been designed with the ambition to be at the frontier of personalised prevention and health promotion by exploring precision health interventions in a practical setting.

During the workshop, the challenge team will provide a synthetic dataset generated from the IAF original data for the participants to experience and identify the characteristics and pitfalls of dense multi-omics datasets. Participants will explore current issues in data sharing, how synthetic datasets might mitigate some of these issues, and identify potential novel pitfalls.

We look forward to sharing insights from the data analyses and learning from the workshop participants' findings.