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Real-world-data enabled assessment
for health regulatory decision-making

MetReal Cluster meeting

On October 30, the MetReal cluster gathered all the representatives from sister projects. Representatives from Real4Reg, ONOVACULATE, REDDIE, More-Europa and REALM shared the current status of their project, what they are currently working on and some challenges their collaborative efforts can solve some common challenges. There was a fruitful discussion on data harmonisation and reasons for using OMOP as a common data model.

Everyone shared future joint activities and upcoming conferences and events they are organizing or planning to attend:

  • 14 November: Real4Reg workshop on "Challenges in dealing with real-world data for Regulatory Purposes". The workshop will address data harmonization and mapping.
  • 15-16 November: DIA Innovating Clinical Trials in Europe Conference, online
  • 21 November: More-EUROPA training on „Use of Registries in Regulatory Decision Making“
  • 28 November: EFPIA Multi-Stakeholder Workshop

Collaborating within the #MetReal cluster not only amplifies the impact of individual projects but also fosters an environment where shared insights and expertise lead to greater overall success.