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Real-world-data enabled assessment
for health regulatory decision-making

REALM at the 77th Systems Architecture Study Group (SASG) meeting

The 77th Systems Architecture Study Group (SASG) meeting, centred around the theme "AI Experiences", took place on Monday 3 July with resounding success. Hosted by NXP at their impressive facilities at the Eindhoven High Tech Campus, the event attracted great interest from industry professionals and reached maximum capacity with 35 participants. This participant limit was set to ensure ample room for interactions and engagement among the attendees. The participants, representing companies from the greater Eindhoven area in the Netherlands and Belgium, created a diverse and engaging atmosphere. One of the main topics that emerged during the meeting was the challenge of trustworthiness in AI, including intriguing debates on the reliability of AI systems such as ChatGPT.

Ir. ing. Bart Elen, from VITO, gave a captivating talk titled "Can deep learning models be trusted in the clinical practice? Our lessons learned.", which attracted a lot of attention and sparked lively discussions among the participants. Based on his experience in establishing the spin-off, Bart's talk highlighted the misconceptions involved in developing trustworthy medical AI. His insights resonated with the audience and stimulated a lively exchange of ideas and reflections on the future of AI in healthcare. The meeting included an informative product tour by NXP, where the company showcased their cutting-edge advancements in AI technology. The informal setting of the event fostered fruitful discussions and interactions between participants. The SASG meeting once again proved to be a valuable platform for system architects to share experiences, exchange insights, and collaboratively explore the realm of AI. The event's success further reinforces the importance of continuous dialogue and knowledge-sharing among industry professionals in the ever-evolving field of systems architecture.