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Real-world-data enabled assessment
for health regulatory decision-making

REALM Steering Committee Reviews Project Progress and Plans Ahead

Yesterday, the leading members behind the REALM project met for their regular steering committee meeting. The session served as a platform for partners to exchange updates on the advancement of their respective tasks within the project's work packages.


With each partner offering insights into their progress, the meeting provided a comprehensive overview of the project's current status. Discussions revolved around ongoing research efforts, technological developments, and collaborative initiatives aimed at achieving the project's objectives to offer innovative solutions for the creation and evaluation of medical device software.

Looking ahead, the REALM project anticipates several forthcoming publications in the following months. In addition to ongoing research endeavours, the partners are preparing for the upcoming progress meeting scheduled for May. This gathering will bring together all consortium members for a face-to-face meeting on the picturesque island of Crete hosted by the REALM partner Traqbeat. The meeting presents a valuable opportunity for members to collectively assess progress, address challenges, and strategize for the project's continued success.

As the REALM project continues to unfold its collaborative spirit and commitment to advancing health care for the direct benefit of patients and healthcare practitioners remain strong.