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Real-world-data enabled assessment
for health regulatory decision-making

Symposium Artificial Intelligence in Medicine and Healthcare

The Symposium on Artificial Intelligence in Medicine and Healthcare, organised by the Department of Advanced Computing Sciences, Faculty of Science and Engineering, Maastricht University, starts today. From 23 – 24 May 2024, attendees at the Maastricht University spaces are going to discuss the future of artificial intelligence in the healthcare system.

The symposium AI in Medicine and Healthcare will discuss the potential role of AI in transforming healthcare in the next decade from a reactive to a proactive, preventive model. This includes patient empowerment, improved health management, and exploring AI’s role in enhancing diagnostic accuracy, operational efficiency, and cost reduction. The meeting aims to understand AI’s impact on global healthcare, focusing on early disease detection, continuous care, and tailored treatments. Discussions will also address AI’s capability to facilitate access to healthcare in underserved areas through affordable, automated solutions. Ethical, policy, and regulatory considerations in AI integration into healthcare, along with global success stories and best practices, will be highlighted.

Among the speakers, Dr.Visara Urovi from Maastricht University will talk about Health Data Spaces and AI-powered Health Data Curation.

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